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I’m Peter Cowey, founder and principal consultant and take a personal role in all assignments. Drawing upon over 30 years experience and a recent MBA from Bradford University School of Management I offer the combination of strategic insight, vision and knowhow with the latest thinking and techniques to help your firm identify opportunities, stimulate innovation and translate into resurgent growth.

My career has focused upon management and marketing for firms local and global in both consumer and industrial markets where I have created, developed and managed business including new ventures. Sectors and companies have included: microbial control technologies for uses in textiles, plastics, cleaners & sanitizers [Avecia, Arch Chemicals]; food, drink and confectionery [Northern Foods, Grand Metropolitan]; coatings – conveyor & drive belts [C Walker & Co], logistics [NFT Distribution, C. Salvesen] and, management consulting.

As my sector portfolio indicates, the skills and expertise are entirely transferable and can be applied with confidence to any business. I also hold a B.Sc.(Hons) from University of Aberdeen, a Diploma in Management Consulting and am an Associate of the Institute of Consulting. For further details please see my LinkedIn profile.

I’d be delighted to help make your business even more successful, so let’s talk soon.


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Sector Experience:


Speciality Chemicals


Food, Drink & Confectionery


Coatings (Conveyor & Drive Belts)



Innovation Services


We offer a comprehensive portfolio of proven innovation services, which can be tailored and configured to capitalise on the opportunities and challenges you face. Frequently our client’s starting points are to find new ways of using their knowledge and capabilities, so primary idea generation is a core programme. For more information please call or email and explore the website.


Innovation Goals

We look at your aspirations and issues in the context of your business objective(s) and current position. We seek to understand your expectations of innovation in terms of timescale, the resources you wish to commit, payback period and attitude to risk/reward.


Scope & Strategy

You may have a strategy in place. It could be:
– business as usual
– incremental
– systemic (e.g. reengineering)
– disruptive (breakthrough or radical)

Whether you have one or not, it’s important to be confident it can deliver competitive advantage and comfortable it fits your circumstances. Generally more sustainable and game changing competitive advantage comes from a ‘disruptive’ strategy and with it, higher risks and rewards; thus most companies tend towards a bite size incremental strategy.

We would seek to review or establish your innovation programme working through scoping options and their implications including:


Internal Innovation


Open Innovation (Includes collaboration with suppliers, customers, partners or academics)


The business areas to be included within your programme such as; products, services, markets, supply chain, customer experience, processes, business model.


Idea Generation, Screening & Initial Development

Regular idea generation is essential to building and maintaining a healthy innovations pipeline. This is a numbers game, so the more ideas generated the greater your chances of success. Prospects undoubtedly improve when your existing knowledgebase is combined with creative thinking techniques through an established systematic programme.


For this reason we offer Scimitar, a four-day programme for a multi-disciplinary team of between 9 and 15 from your company. The programme, established over many years can be run in a variety of formats to suit your needs although a 2+2 format is optimal. It generally produces a short list of 10-20 viable ideas for in-house or supported development and also trains delegates to re-run the programme whenever appropriate.



A market research capability using both published survey data and primary survey methods to determine potential for selected new product or service ideas upon which further development decisions can be made.



Moves the product or service to the point whereupon a go-to-market decision can be made. Shaping the product offer/proposition in response to market data, positioning and branding. Marketing strategy and plan; could be an addition/ update to your existing plan.



Launch plan/sales plan, target customers, selling materials, presentation support.


Track & Review Progress

Although primarily for your management team an external ‘eye’ is often helpful on a periodic basis.

Working With You...

Every company’s needs are different, so we look to develop a tailored programme, designed  to enable your team and business to gain real value from our innovation services and support.

Once the programme is defined we can normally offer a fixed fee quotation or work upon a daily rate. We can also offer Interim Management support to cover resource gaps typically arising from a project, product launch or other business pressures. Additionally some of our services, for example Marketing Strategy & Planning are available outside the Innovation process.

Grant support
The need to stimulate economic growth has led regional, national and EU bodies to offer support for innovation and R&D programmes / training. Whenever aware of such possibilities and favourable criteria we will provide details to you.

Resurgent Growth is registered to deliver training for the Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership [LEP] Skills Service.  To find out more and apply, visit http://www.the-lep.com/skillsservice .



The Scimitar idea generation programme has a long history of success with clients large and small from both consumer and industrial sectors creating new products and services. A small selection are shown below and testimonials are available.
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